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Naturopathic Fertility Counselling

Naturopathic Fertility Counselling Provides a Foundation of Support For Families In Need

Infertility is a complex problem that can impact families and individuals of all backgrounds. While technically defined as the inability to achieve pregnancy after six months or a year depending on age. Unfortunately, fertility issues are vastly more complex than most people understand them to be and this could lead to seeking out a naturopathic fertility treatment session.

While fertility is a complicated and complex issue, it isn't one that is without solutions. Newmarket Naturopathic & Integrative Health Clinic is dedicated to providing our clients with access to the naturopathic fertility counselling that they need to make the correct and informed decision for their family.

Can Naturopathic Medicine Help With Fertility?

Naturopathic wellness has been a focal point in the medicinal world for as long as our understanding of medicine has existed. A focus on natural healing modalities is the foundation upon which our naturopathic fertility treatment plans are designed. Through the use of varying naturopathic methods, we can help to instigate sperm motility, improve overall sperm count, and even impact DNA fragmentation rates. Additionally, naturopathy can help with the regulation of your menstrual cycle as well as the overall quality of an egg.

There are a variety of methods that can be used during your naturopathic fertility treatment, so let's take a moment to underscore them.

  • Natural Nutrition - The food that we eat can impact the way that our body operates. Antioxidants are incredibly important to sperm health, so working with a naturopathic nutritionist can be a great way to get our systems corrected.

  • Acupuncture Therapy - Acupuncture has existed for a long time and for many good reasons! Naturopathic doctors at our facility will incorporate acupuncture into their client's fertility treatment plan. Acupuncture is a minimally invasive service that can provide some truly astounding benefits!

Head to our website today to book an intake appointment with our staff at Newmarket Naturopathic & Integrative Health Clinic!

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