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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine and You: How Holistic Wellness Can Inspire Whole Body Rejuvenation.

We are living in an increasingly informed world where alternative forms of medicine have risen in popularity. This side of medicine has long been known as naturopathic medicine or holistic medicine. At the time of this writing, nearly 40% of adults utilize some form of complementary or naturopathic healing in their day-to-day life.

Covered under the vast majority of extended health plans, naturopathic medicine blends a unique amalgamation of scientific knowledge, natural healing, and traditional healing modalities for the treatment of chronic and common conditions. Holistic healing modalities undertaken by a professional and certified naturopathic doctor can open up a world of benefits and advantages to clients who need them.

Here at Newmarket Naturopathic & Integrative Health Clinic, we believe in guiding our clients to the naturopathic medicine that works best for them. To offer the best treatment programs available, we work closely with our clients to create a roadmap to healing that makes sense for them.

To explore the benefits of naturopathic medicine with one of the doctors here at Newmarket Naturopathic, guests in Newmarket and the surrounding area are suggested to request an appointment through our official website. New patients can sign up for an initial visit sequence from our official website whereupon they can connect with Dr. Alexandra Lee, Dr. Sarah D'Alessio, or Dr. Priscilla Tang for their initial intake session.

Each treatment offered to our guests is uniquely tailored to their specific needs, whether we are treating a chronic or acute condition. This means that our team of professionals can turn to services such as acupuncture, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and even lifestyle counseling to make an impact during their service and care.

Newmarket Naturopathic & Integrative Health Clinic has been proudly serving Newmarket and nearby regions for over a decade. We focus on treating the root cause of disease before angling to heal the entire person.

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